Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogging For Beads Challenge

So as you know I've now been working on this challenge called "blogging for Beads" for about a month now. I chose 3 Swarovski crystal cosmic Ovals. I thought of many different possibilities of what I could use them in. I have tried all of those ideas and many more. Nothing is doing these gorgeous swarovski ovals any justice.

So I do apologize Artbeads These beautiful frames are too gorgeous to waste on just "any old piece". They have Delicious firey coloring and great structure. Making them easy to use in many different Styles of jewelry.

I will say this though when I do get the chance to use them in that piece that just DAZZLES. You'l be the first to know.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gone for a minute now I'm back! ICE ON!!!

So that was a very unexpected leave of absence from the studio. 2 weeks ago I went into the health clinic with abdominal pains and ended up being rushed by cab to emerg. I waited over 12+ hours there went through crazy battery tests with IV's in my arm to finally be diagnosed and told I need an appendectomy. FINALLY I can get this all over lol. So 2 weeks tonight at midnight I went in for surgery and had my appendix removed. True story LOL. It took longer to recover then I thought it would. I guess it's harder to recover as quickly when you get older :D.

Anyways, now that I'm back heres whats been happening. I am now Blogging for beads (as I'm sure you have seen in previous posts). I got my first "toys" from Artbeads for it too! (which you can also see in a previous post). Those Sworvski rings are going to gorgeoso laying over a crystal path WOW! If you could only see inside my head, all the designs I got going's crazy madness up in here. I am however finally back in the studio working so there will be new pieces coming up in the next month.

So now back to business. Lets see, I had a professional photog come and take pictures of my jewelry (my cameras puched). Money I would like to say is well spent for what I received. I have also set up shop on Etsy finally as well (click this link to go to my shop).

The website is going well and will be link directly through to my Etsy shop so that you can feel secure in knowing your in safe hands when buying.

I hope all is well in your Wonderland, I bid you adu and goodday. Theres gonna be some new programming coming soon!



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