Monday, February 15, 2010

A Shoutout to some of my favourite things on Etsy

(can it get any cuter then this? I doubt it!)

I love keeping my coupons organized. 
This is definitely a cute way of doing it!

OK I admit it I am a sucker for the Damask pattern!
It's so elegant and sexy.

What a great way to brighten up the blahhs of winter!

I liked this once again because of the damask-esk pattern
but also that Octopus is just cool!
I couldn't believe how cute this was!
Luck of the Irish Apron
This is an Homage to a friend of mine as well as a bit of my own heritage

I just love the drawing. The fact that it's a compact
mirror is an added bonus.

I know I know it's a bit ornate, but it is so luxurious looking!
I know this is a bit off considering I don't really DO bright colours.



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