Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas.........TO ME :D

Here's a little story of how dreams really can come true :D A few weeks ago I was on my Twitter and saw a tweet from ohmycrafts, asking if you could get any Tool for Christmas what would it be? Well That's not hard.....I've always wanted to have a pair of Lindstrom pliers/cutters I replied.  Well a few minutes later I get a message directly from Lindstrom_USA, asking which tool would I choose if I could have any of there tools? WOW that's the hard question what to choose FIRST! I believe I said pliers or close cutters LOL. I can't quite remember exactly! Thinking that's that I logged off my hootsuite. I went did some designing and came back a little later to find another message from them asking for my adress and that they were sending me the 7293 Close cutters. With this message came a picture showing me the box it was coming in. I was soo excited at this point that I told EVERYONE. Called my parents, my friends, EVERYONE.

Well the day FINALLY came :D They are here! I am so excited I have looked them over so many times writing this post.

I also tested them, and they are so SMOOTH! I love it. There also smaller then i thought they would be!

So one TRILLION thanks go out to Lindstrom this Christmas season and to a great New year!


  1. Unique collection of classic emeralds only at

  2. That is so cool! Gotta love the internet and the generous people on it :0) candyn/swapbot




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