Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where to go but How do I Decide?

This week I would like to introduce you to Naomi. She is the owner of a photography shop called Moon Angel-Art  and an adorable knit shop for babies called BabaMoon. Thankfully I have no children or else I would be all over that shop. Problem is I love photography and have it ALL over my house! Moon Angel-Art is one of those photography shops that has the perfect combination of nature and romanticism.

Come take a tour with me!

 Tell me that these gorgeous prints and these adorable baby hats don't make you want to go visit!?

And if you wanna keep up with the whats a goin's on's check out her blog here


  1. Stunning photos, wow!

  2. Oh my goodness I just want to eat those babies up. How cute is the bunny hat and the angel wings!
    Photos are beautiful, even the photos of the knitting on the babies. Great talent to have for and Etsy seller.
    Nice feature.

  3. Hi Elizabeth. sorry about mixup with swap-bot..dunno what happened there...lets start over!! Your blog is lovely! Luv these pics of the babies hats/angels wings/rabbit ears! Oh be still my heart...lucky my kids are 16-26 and prob wouldn't wear them if I tried to make em!! haha...ahh, grandchildren...one day! Thanks for sharing...
    jessie, nelson, new zealand

  4. Very nice of you to share your friend's blog. Really cute stuff! judee0624

  5. I'm just leaving you another comment to remind you of my face :) I must admit that I don't leave comments every time I stop by....I do try to keep in touch with everyone from time to time!

    Thanks for sharing works from others that you love :)


  6. Those are simply amazing photos....and such great little hats! Is it bad I want the last one for the little boy I care for? (I dunno how impressed he'd be with me!) Thanks for sharing!

    Blogger Followers Swap

  7. Hi Elisabeth,
    Love photos and the babies are wonderful. I will go to visit her blog immediately.
    I discovered your blog with "Blogger Followers Swap" by swap-bot and now I'm your follower. your blog is lovely
    Keep in touch Sonia from Italy

  8. wow what a lovely surprise!

    thanks so much for featuring both of my shops! im really grateful :)

    thanks for your kinds words too everyone!

    love nay x




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