Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Etsy Circling Craze

Circling on Etsy is a pretty big thing right now. First introduced back in 2010, Circling helps you connect with other sellers and buyers and discover what people are wanting at the moment. Think Facebook, only all people see in their circle "feed" is what other people are favouriting. Then if they like it too, they favourite it and or buy it! VOILA advertising at its most simplistic :D.....SOO if this is the case, what is the point of having an option to privatize your favourites? It defeats the point of circling right!? When you favourite something, others are supposed to see it. I am only recently figuring this out as I used to privatize my favourites as well. But as I have gotten more and more into the circling underbelly I`m starting to think one thing about the privatizing of favourites.


Are you hiding a possible gift for someone that could see it!? Seems pointless considering how easily lost things can get in our dozens to hundreds of pages of favouriting.


Are you doing the "inspiration" search!? (These I'm not  big fan of)

Anyways, my point is. I love circling people and finding out what others are interested in and liking right now. I think circling and circling groups are a great addition to the advertising process that we all don't like, but this is actually FUN.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of circling and people privatizing there favourites.


  1. Sounds like fun(: Great Idea! I love Etsy<3

    kcody03 from swapbot love comment blog (9)

  2. I realize this post is old, but it made me think of a third option. Perhaps some of the items people favorite they don't want others to know about. Maybe they're vocal about their dislike of Twilight, but they love an item on Etsy. Or it's an item they really like, but people they would know would give them a hard time over.

    Smadronia on Swap Bot

  3. I love getting to know people as well, and circling I find is a great way to add them so I can see updates and discover who they like as most times I like what their likes 80% of the time. I have added your shop to my favorites and circles! Feel free to add me: I'm under ChanelledCreations
    Love Comment Blog ♥ (9)




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