Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My New Micro Maile Design Ideas

So I'm not fully sure what exactly I want to do with this piece. I started it out to look kinda like this.

Then as I was finishing 2 sides to put them together ( having a jolly ol' time doin it too :D) I got it to look like this!

So I decided that would be a really unique necklace!!!

As you can see. Then I was gonna hang something off that end piece!

HOWEVER!! I made a mistake:( I put it on my wrist as is!!!!

Sooo This is my DILEMMA I don't know what to do! I thin more then likely though I'm going to do the necklace cause I can make it look absolutely yummy! I'm even thinking of putting it in a bath and changing it's coloring who knows!! I'll keep it updating:D

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