Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So a little while ago I put up all 6 of my new pieces in my photo gallery on Facebook, because of that I got a lovely woman in one of my crazy little games inquired if I could recreate a cute little Putty Tat that she draws on correspondence. With much delight I absolutely agreed and we are now well on our way! Here is the start of the the lil' mini Putty Tat!

Now I'm just waiting for supplies to come in and I will finish up her design! I'm actually guess it will take a few weeks. Purely because i am waiting for supplies from the states. This will also be another chance to check out a new store and how they work, other then Cowspot Beads. I'm really looking forward to it!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~June 24th 2009~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ok so now I can officially start this Putty tat piece for Kelly! I have been fiddling around with it and I am starting to get the look down!

This is the evolution so far!

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