Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ARTBEADS Experience

OK so I promised I would Help everyone out by letting people know about the different companies I deal with in regards to buying my supplies for my jewelry designs. Well when I got a request for a custom pendant! I decided to do some checking around. So I found Artbeads website a little while back through Facebook and Twitter and they're great. I started out by checking out there prices to my fallback sites. Better prices equal better prices for my customers right!

Well I got my order done and got a message from my client I was doing the custom work for, basically letting me know she changed her mind on color. Ok lets test reaction time of this new company right! I told her I already made the order but let me see if I can change it!?. If not I would just make another order, no big deal. So I wrote the company right away and asked if I could basically cancel my order so i could reorder. Well normal turnaround I know is roughly 24-42 hrs (usually). They called me a few hrs later. A nice girl ( I'm terribly sorry I wanna say it was a Carrie but I'm not sure!) called and asked what exactly I wanted to do and we changed the order together. It was great. She verified everything with me and then she explained the shipping changes (basically- orders go out in the morning she called in the afternoon so my order would be pulled and shipped the next morning, I believe it was the 14th or 15th of June. Well later that day I got a few email verifications from them. One was an invoice with the changes we made. The next was to let me know the original invoice shipment # went out (which she told me to ignore), then the next email I get is that the corrected order went out. I figure SWEET I will get it in a couple of weeks!

NO WAY!! order shipped out on a Monday! (I chose regular mail -for Canadians, shipping is only $1 -Americans it's free) I got the package the following Monday! Man did it feel like Christmas! LOL or at least my birthday :D. I had ordered copper chain, 4 swarovski 4mm bicone crystals (that's actually what needed to originally be changed- my client wanted a different color of purple) a beautiful lobster claw, some nice copper jump rings i believe inner diameter of those are 4mm as well, and for a treat for myself ( If I can when doing online orders I buy a "treat" for my studio, usually it's a new tool or gadget). This time I chose a nicely designed heavy duty cutter (for when I go back to my chainmaille vest for my hubby). The packaging was amazing so creative yet sooo professional, love the little info card they send to, it's so vibrant and colorful. I thought from now on when i do an expose on a new store I would show what I got and how it comes for you. Purely because of Artbeads.

So here it is folks!!

Isn't the packaging soo cute!?

I definitely give Artbeads a


  1. Elizabeth, thanks for sharing your positive experience with with others through your blog. I'm always excited to hear when our customer service team is able to have a real impact on our customer's experience. They work very hard. I'll share your blog post with all of them today.

    VP Customer Service at Artbeads

  2. I'm so Glad to hear that Steve. Coming from a customer service background myself I know on both ends how much GOOD customer service can be forgotten sometimes. I understand metrics and goals and time constraints, but I also know that a good CSR can get all of that done and help a customer without making the customer feel rushed or unwanted. That's why I was so impressed with your staff member. I also know as an agent how good it feels to know that a customer was satisfied with the service I gave them. So for you to let them know, (even though unfortunately I couldn't remember the name of the girl), makes me ecstatic because I believe that's the true leverage to keep employees doing the best they can! I will definitely be back for more :D




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