Friday, July 3, 2009

I reward great customer service!!

I did a blog post a week or so ago (as I'm sure all of you have now read), basically letting everyone know about my experience with Artbeads. I also wanted to make sure that the company new how impressed and satisfied I am as a new customer. So I twittered Artbeads (there exact location is, so I could let them know to read my blog so they could tell there staff how appreciative I am as well as I'm sure other people too. In response to my message I received the following.
This is my Twitter account.

and this......... is a comment that was left on my blog.

So the lesson of the story is this. Someone does there job well. Rewarding them makes them feel good. It didn't cost me a darn thing to tell everyone willing to listen, what a great company Artbeads is and what great service I got.

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