Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Inspires Me to Create?

It's a cliche but nature inspires me to create! The first of this month when we got huge snow squalls I was inspired and designed my Ice Princes crystal cuff.

 I love to keep my hands busy no matter what I am always going always working. Nothing can stop me nor has it ever.

 I have learned over the last few months of 2009 how easy it is to not know what your doing and get frustrated very easily. So now I stick my nose into everything and anything having to do with possibly making my business grow! I am a bead blogger for, I am doing a lot of research into selling in stores in my city ( Which there will be info coming on that soon too!). I want to start working with different mediums such as looming, silver clay etc.

 I am not sure what this new year has to offer me but I'm sure excited to find out! I look forward to in the next week put up a list of my goals for the year and then go month by month with them!

All I want to do is create, I love learning the business aspect as well though! Not only has it helped me come out of my shell both anxiety wise (I have huge anxiety and sometimes have problems leaving my house because of it!). I wear my jewelery, I carry business cards with me (which I'm all out of right now LOL). I love learning new tips on bettering my business. For instance I'm doing my own photography now and it is getting great results!.


  1. Best of Luck with 2010! ..and here to creating!*cheers*

  2. I too am burdened by anxiety. Like you sometimes not leaving my house, or answering the phone! I am so pleased to hear I am not the only one. I will bookmark your blog, and send you some photos of my work, beading with my creations taking centre stage, I am a lampworker. Love your blog, very informative.
    Your work looks lovely, keep your chin up, I know how it is.
    Here's to a new friend, in the same situation!
    P.S. is that a Sun box
    looks like you are from Ontario? Me too!

  3. LOL It's nice to see others in my situation! Especially when they pull through and are able to do things as well!. Yes jennifer! I am in fact an Ontarian :D I'm from London.

  4. All the best for the future be it with crafting or your blog or your life.

    SaraswatiChB for swap-bot

  5. swapbot:samash

    That cuff looks like its made out of ice balls, I really love it and it will match with anything

  6. Your cuff is beautiful! After seeing it, I rushed over to etsy and marked your shop as one of my favorites. I love your work! Unfortunately it is tax season and I don't have any extra right now to treat myself. But I'm definitely keeping your shop in mind when the funds build up a bit! candyn/swapbot

  7. Interesting post and great idea. You have a wonderfull blog!

    fii - swapbot




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