Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Moon Necklace and matching earrings-Challenge

Many of my inspirations come from nature, but every once in a's all about the colour! I received a beautiful array of different shades of blue swarovski component's from this past month and instantly knew what I was gonna do with them!

This beautiful waterfall WinterMoon necklace and earring set is stunning for any special occasion!. I love how the necklace cascades down looking like a flat spiral. The earrings are also a perfect pairing with the necklace, simple yet elegant.

When I received these swarovski crystals I knew I could only pair them with the best sterling silver. This lead me on a search in which I found the beautiful Etsy shop Nottoto. Anne is the owner of the shop and is so knowledgeable. I contacted her with the inquiry explaining what I was doing and asking simply what gauge I should purchase! She has been so knowledgeable and forthcoming with information since then I recommend her to everyone now! I appreciate a supplier that does know what they are talking about and is more then will to share the information. So without further adoo. Here is the Wintermoon Set.

As a reviewer of products at, I received the silver beads, czech facets, and silver frame free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of these products positive or negative. I am not being compensated by artbeads for my endorsement as it pertains to the products being received and reviewed.


  1. Beautiful work Elizabeth! These designs are a gorgeous mix of blues and silver. The necklace is a wonderful cascade of gorgeous blue crystals and does remind me of a waterfall. Wonderful work!


  2. I love hte colour and how the 'pendant' portion has a twist in it? Rebecca Ednie/thebragal Swap-Bot

  3. swapbot:samash

    I aren't a jewellery person but really like this :)

  4. I really like this!!!! Well done!!

    (Agnetha - SwapBot)

  5. Elizabeth, this is truly beautiful. I purchased a bracelet for my mother a few Christmases ago, it was made up of these lovely dangly beads. I think they remind me of water droplets. hers is moonstones with a few garnets scatted within for the dramatic.
    Jaemac from swap-bot

  6. Very pretty, you definitaly got talent!

    fii - swapbot




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