Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here's a lesson to ALL

Well, I've been a bit stubborn with my health in the last few years. My families motto was always " If you can get out of bed, you can get to work just fine!"  Well that's not always a good thing. I have had lack of hearing all of my life in my left ear, and we were always reminded that it could diminish in my right ear due to the strain! I guess that's why I never though anything about it till recently. over the last few months I have been taking my health a lot more serious and have been "catching up" on tests and things. I went in for some audiology appts and was diagnosed with otoschlerosis. Basically otosclerosis is an abnormal growth of bone near the middle ear.
I have been searching EVERYWHERE. I do not qualify for a stapedectomy, which is the surgery that would correct the problem. So now I move on and continue my attempt at a healthy life. I am feeling a lot better then I have in years. It feels good to be mentally alive again.

Don't take this as a poor me, it's not. I want everyone reading my blog to not only know about what I DO, but also who I AM.

Feel free to leave me comments below. I love reading them.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I'm your partner on Swap-bot "I'm a Blogger"
    I'm pleased you went to the Dr...sometimes just knowing what the problem is can be a great help to the peace of mind. Best of luck and health in the future...take care...we are all special.

  2. I'm your swap bot partner mimitabby. I'm glad you still have hearing in one ear! that would not be good to lose.

    Nice blog!

  3. Hi!

    It's true... sometimes in life, we tend to overlook the most important aspect in our lives - which is health. It's something that most of us take for granted. My boyfriend nags at me sometimes because he feels that I dont give as much attention to caring for my health as compared to other more superficial stuff. Guilty. Anyway, here's to the two of us placing more priority in our health. :)

    thewhimsicalworld at swap bot
    blog me, baby

  4. I totally agree with you. It seems we take care of our families and friends and neglect ourselves sometimes! I wish I could say I had hearing in the other ear Mimi, I was born deaf in my left ear and now my right ear is becoming affected. I roll with the punches though LOL.




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