Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Soaps and Jewels of Sandy's Soaps and Things

Ok folks! It's tour day again. I know I'm a bit late in the day, but that happens every now and then. You understand right!? Of course you do.

So let me start of by saying gonna be fun! I love specialty soaps and obviously Jewelry is  passion of mine (:

Sandy uses a rare method of soap making these days called patience (otherwise known as cold process). This means that they have the soaps cure for 4-6 weeks and THEN they are cut and packaged. that's not all though. They also carry whipped shea butter, lotion bars and lip balms.

check this out

Gift Set - Bar of Soap and Wooden Soap Dish

The Owlery

Knitting Soap

Also check out her earrings and stitch markers while your in the shop, while your at it check out her blog at


  1. wow 4-6 weeks that is some serious patience and just shows good quality. Thanks for the feature!!

  2. Loves your stuff!! Come visit me! I also love the font youused on your banner/title..Which is it?
    Amberingz from Swapbot

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  4. Hello this is flowerimpressions from swapbot , I grabbed your button and also I am now a follower too. I love crafty people , I will be back. come by and check out your button at
    Peace and happy blogging.




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