Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BESTeam Feature:: redemptionart

What decade or style inspires you?
I have always been intrigued creatively by the arts of my Hawaiian Ancestors. The way that they wove things of nature, shells, leaves, seeds and nuts, feathers, bones and even teeth is incredible, not to mention the array of textiles and colorful dyes that they designed them with, all done with products made from the land or aina.

If you could peek inside the studio of any artist, designer or craftsman (dead or alive), who would it be?
Now here's a contrast, the one studio that I would loved to have lived as a fly on the wall in would be the legendary Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls. Their creations and designs go far beyond the luxury Rolls Royce that people are familiar with, to include engines that power turbines, airplanes, small and large machines.


What handmade possession do you most cherish?
I most treasure a handmade umbrella that my 13 year old (at the time) son bought from an artist sitting at the door of a Temple in Osaka, Japan. The design is very simple and understated with 3 large black kanji letters, a dark natural background and a dark maroon trim, which gives me a sense of peace.

Where would you like to be in ten years?
Honestly, in this stage of my life, I would be happy in 10 years to be doing exactly the same thing, only better....and perhaps to have become a great role model to my creative grandchildren, or mo'opuna as we say in Hawaiian.

Something that Connie wrote back to me in her answers to my questions really hit home and I want to share that with you now. She wrote "Creating was an escape for me, a way for me to get into my "happy zone" whether it is cooking, baking, painting, woodworking, drawing or even gardening, as long as I am creating I feel happy and accomplished." That's a beautiful thing right there, something we all tend to forget from time to time while were in the hustle and bustle of life.

If you want to know more about Connie and redemptionart check out her blog Island Buzzy 
for a little bit of a Hawaiian feeling.


  1. Wow, I am impressed, thank you for this very flattering post. I'm not sure how I missed following your blog...however, I am now! Thank you again!




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