Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Week so Far

This week has been a slow one for sure, while I am still waiting for my gems, stones and metals to be shipped to me (I'm sure they will come this week) I have been going through the rest of my stuff and made a few new hair pin sets and necklaces and a ring. Best of all though is a couple of sets of cute as a turtle dove post earrings, they look like little flowers. One has Chinese turquoise adn the other has agate stones. There sooo super cute! I can't wait to put them in shop :D

So last Friday through to yesterday I was in Forest (my soon to be new home!)Working online mostly as I have none of my gear there at all! Today is my first day home and my fingers are all jeweler glued up (it's dry no worries) from making some new jewelry for the shop! Tomorrow I will be doing my photos and hopefully same day editing the photos.

So on one last note look out for new jewelry in the shop this coming week and continuing on from there! I can wait for you to see them all!

P.s. Also check out my new Youtube channel as I will be uploading more videos soon.

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