Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Week So Far

It yet another week said and done. I've got to admit I have had a hard time keeping up with everything :(.

I did however get some new photo's done for new jewelry to go up in the ElizabethMD Jewelry (click the link to see whats there so far!)

We are back on track to planning our wedding next year which is very exciting. Our date had to be changed by 2 weeks due to conflict. I have to say being new to the whole church thing with the priest and all is making things very interesting. It's a lot more involved then I thought originally.  So now we have a minister/church. working on getting answers and booking the legion, photographers are crazy expensive for our little 5K wedding (so were still looking there). Not to mention all of the little things that are being collected, like flowers for the arbours. I won't go into anymore detail but let me know if your interested in me making this a weekly thing of showing you what is going on with our wedding for Sept 29th of 2012. We have so little done but over a year to do it!

Other then wedding prep I did a fair amount of photo editing in the studio and will be getting to some more jewelry soon as well as taking more ring photo's this week. There are so many cute new rings coming into the shop, and I'm really getting into colour, especially BRIGHT colour.

This coming week in the shop is going to be very simple.......SO........MUCH..........STUFF!!

I will be posting something new every day now. So keep an eye out and pop into the shop everyday. Or if it's easier for you fan the shop PAGE on Facebook or Follow me on TWITTER

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